Our simple & powerful multilanguage dashboard

I must say you one thing: You will forgot the old methods to admin a metin2 server, with this simple panel you will have everything at your fingertips in a few clicks.

We provide features that you need !

Perfect Dashboard

Clean and beautiful charts with a lot of information.

Fast response

Fast communication between the website and the server, optimized code.

Easy Customizable

There's a lot of background that you can select to make it diferent.

Secure conexion

The conexion is encrypted using SSL certificate and all files are protected by ionCube, its not possible to read it!


Discover more with the video

Advanced Systems

  • Awesome Charts
  • Search and edit accounts / players / guilds / objects / mobs
  • Logs of commands / chats / whispers / exchanges
  • Tasklist / Fake items / Bonus list / Mails
  • Add / edit new admins
  • Calendar
  • Translations
  • And much more...

Our Pricing Chart

Best plan

  • Support
  • As many languages as you want
  • Full speed conexion
  • 1 Key for each server

10.00 €/ montly*

200€ / For ever**

Get Now

*After the first month you can pay weekly.

**New features has a cost of 50€ extra.

Demo version

Demo version is not longer available, if you want to test it, contact me.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you know what is M2Admin?

M2Admin is a tool for server administrators to control your server easily and faster than the older methods.

2. How can I use it?

This tool is not free, so you have to pay to use it, the normal price is 10€/month but when you pass the first month you can pay weekly or daily.

3. Why should i use this?

If you want to have the control of your team members or if you just want to make everything easier, this tool is for you.

3. Can I use demo version for my server?

Yes, I can give you a demo version for few days, and you can decide later if you want to buy a suscription or not.

Contact me